Fringe! queer
film & arts fest

East London
12-17 Nov 2019
& year-round

submissions for 2019 are open!

We are looking for films of all genres and formats created by, about, or of interest to LGBTIQA+ people, completed within the last three years. There is no premiere requirement. REGULAR DEADLINE: 16 June

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Women & Cocaine x Fringe! present:
Queen Christina

• 18 July 19:30 @ The Cinema Museum £9 •
She hunts, she rides, she wears men’s clothes and kisses her lady in waiting! Come see Greta Garbo tease the audience and push the boundaries of gender in this 1933 classic.

Garbo can kiss me any day >

Beyhive Double Bill: Waiting for B. + Dreamgirls

• 30 Jun 18:00 @ Theatre Peckham, £5/£7 •
We celebrate the Beyhave & Queen Bey with the most delicious diva double bill taking us from queer fans of B camping out for two months to see their queen to the queen herself making a star turn in the Oscar-winning Dreamgirls.

All Hail Queen Bey >

Fringe! Flings: Are You Proud? Preview & Q&A

• 2 July 21:00 @ Genesis Cinema, £5.50 •
In the run up to London Pride we're bringing you a very special preview of Ashley Joiner's documentary on the fight for LGBT rights in the UK. Looking at our past struggles and asking tough questions about the future.

March for your rights >

Judy Judy Judy Double Bill: The Slippers + The Harvey Girls

• 27 July 16:00 @ The Cinema Museum, £7/£10 •

Huns, we're not in Kansas anymore> >