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Fringe! 2016 Fundraising Party

Saturday 10 September
Miranda Bar, Ace Hotel

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the festival programme will be revealed in early october



Shorts: Flesh + Bone

sun 29 nov / Rose Lipman Building

Want to see Buck Angel wearing a strap-on, apron, eating a cupcake and a whole lot of genderfuckery? Well you can in the queer short TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES OF INTIMACY that dives in, tongue-in-cheek, with this hilarious look at the topsy-turvy tropes of gender roles and relationship issues. Accompanying this in our Flesh…
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Artists' Moving Image…

Mon 23 Nov by AlexK

This year we bring you a collection of incredible work by artists working with video and film spanning almost four decades. Queer artists who have and still are pushing boundaries, exploring sexuality, gender, queer histories… Read more