Queer Film
& arts fest

3rd - 9th


The Fringe! Team sends all their love to everyone who made this year’s festival possible: our audience, filmmakers, performers, supporters, volunteers and venues.

See you same time next year!


Derby Crazy Love

sat 8 nov / Looking Glass Cocktail Club

Dir. Maya Gallus and Justine Pimlott, Canada, 2013, 64 minsWith Plastik Patrik, Smack Daddy, Apocalipstick, Trash 'N' Smash Derby Crazy Love accompanies Montreal's top team, New Skids on the Block, on its exhilarating journey to regional championships, where they face off in a pitched battle against U.K. powerhouse, London…
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Fringe! Talks to FilmDoo

Fri 07 Nov by VirginieR

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