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Shorts: (s)Express Yourself

Sat Nov 18, 19:30

Film, Hackney Showroom, Free

Whatever you like, whatever you do, these sexy shorts will drench your senses and make your mind tumescent. Please note: THIS PROGRAMME CONTAINS REAL, EXPLICIT SEX.

You've Got Tail / dir. Danny Tayara / USA 2016 / 3'
A horny mailman is about to get a delivery of his own. No need to beware of these dogs.

More Love. Less Pre-packaged Bullshit / dir. Neelu Bhuman / UK 2017 / 1'
A kiss on the forehead. A touch behind the ear. Who needs a money shot? 

Etage X / dir. Francy Fabritz / Germany 2017 / 14'
When two middle-aged women get stuck in a lift, it becomes a race to the bottom… and the top.

Venus - Filly the Lesbian Little Fairy / dir. Sávio Leite / Brazil 2017 / 5'
An explicit, multi-sexual fable about the desires of one shape-shifting seductress. 

Hello Titty / dir. Skyler Braeden Fox / Germany 2014 / 15'
Say hello... to Tit Star Showboy. Wave goodbye... to his boobies.

Latifundium / dir. Erica Sarmet / Brazil 2017 / 11'
Sexy iconoclasts give Freud a run for his money, and Gwyneth a run for her eggs.

Indulgence / dir. Lou Bessemer / Germany 2016 / 8'
Haven’t you ever just wanted / needed / demanded to be seduced?

Mom's the Word / dir. Joffre Faria Silva / Canada 2017 / 4'
Studded leather can compliment many soft furnishings in your home.

The Taste of Love / dir. Paul Scheufler / Austria 2017 / 4'
The taste of love is in… your mouth.

House of Air / dir. Brian Fairbairn, Karl Eccleston / UK 2017 / 3'
Horny theory becomes hardcore praxis. Pay attention, we might be asking questions.

Crystal Clear / dir. Max Disgrace / UK 2017 / 3'
Sensual and erotic in the extreme (close-up), of the fantasies and thrills of a hot date.

Machos / dir. Antonio da Silva / Mexico 2017 / 21'
Gay Mexicans reflect on macho culture, masculinity, and gay sex — while slowly a steamy orgy unfolds.

Total runtime: 102min

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