Little Joe Classroom

Saturday 13th April & Sunday 14th April
School of Fringe! @ The Old School, Victoria Park Road, London E9 7HD

Following last year’s unique film space The Little Joe Clubhouse, Little Joe are returning to Fringe! with The Little Joe Classroom, a temporary free education space with talks, workshops and screenings, created to engage the public in a queer dialogue with cinema and expand the magazine into an interactive, open space for collaborative learning. The Little Joe Classroom will take place in an actual classroom of the disused Old Cardinal Pole School on London’s Victoria Park Road.

Little Joe is a unique forum for the discussion of film around subjects of sexuality and gender within a queer historical context. Since launching their first issue in 2010, the magazine has quickly become an important place for stimulating dialogues on film, leading the way in queer analysis of cinema and providing a platform to celebrate films that inspire alternative discourse.

Full timetable for the Little Joe Classroom. All classes are free, but enrollment is compulsory.


Teacher: Ed Webb-Ingall
Subject: History
Class: Who’s History? A Workshop
Abstract: The Little Joe Classroom invites you to rewrite history. Over the course of the lesson we will work together to share personal stories and watch them come to life. Drawing on queer ideas of collective action and representation we will tell stories and work collaboratively in front of and behind the camera to enact our collective histories. No filming experience is necessary, you just need to be comfortable on both sides of the camera. Bring yourself and a story that you would like to share and have remembered.
Duration: 2.5 hours approx
Class Size: 15 students

Teacher: Billy Miller
Subject: Geography
Class Title: The Towers of Cum & Horndogs of Yore: The Secret History of New York City’s Pub(l)ic Places
Abstract: New York-based artist-curator-pornographer Billy Miller presents an audio-visual tour of sex in public places and describes the former sex scene at the World Trade Center and that of the larger metro New York area before current anti-sex measures were enacted to ‘clean up’ and make the city more ‘family friendly’: citing and referencing his own decades long research and that of other aforementioned ‘horndogs of yore’.
Some material presented in this class will be featured in an upcoming Phaidon press book detailing Western homo history of the past 100 years.
Tea will be served.
Duration: 40 mins approx
Class Size: 30 students

Teacher: Dr. Sharon Husbands
Subject: Mathematics
Class: He Talks in Math: The Mathematics turn in Lacan
Abstract: Lacan used mathematics to discover more about desire. In this specially filmed lecture-performance, Dr. Sharon Husbands addresses this turn and considers the figurative calculus of queer desire.
Duration: 20 mins approx
Class Size: 30 students

Teacher: Campbell X
Subject: History
Class: Out Before it Was Legal
Abstract: Back in the day, between the 1920s and 1980s, there were men, women and transgendered people who were out and proud before there were laws to protect them. Being out is not an age or era thing, it’s an attitude thing! Filmmaker Campbell X presents a history lesson with a difference, utilising film clips, photographs and music.
Duration: 40 mins approx
Class Size: 30 students

Teacher: Stuart Comer
Subject: Social Studies
Class: Pedagogue
Abstract: Tate Film curator Stuart Comer presents a special Little Joe Classroom screening program.
Pedagogue (Stuart Marshall, 1988, 10mins)
North (John Boskovitch, 2001, 37mins)
let’s just kiss + say goodbye (Robert Blanchon, 1995, 9mins)
Duration: 60 mins approx
Class Size: 30 students


Teacher: Katie Jackson
Subject: Art & Design
Class: Do the Boogie Doodle
Abstract: A hands-on, or should we say hands-on-hips, direct animation workshop inspired by the drawn-on-film works of Canadian animator and filmmaker Norman McLaren (1914–1987). Suitcase Cinema’s Katie Jackson will be providing all the materials, just bring yourself and your imagination.
Duration: 3 hours approx
Class Size: Limited to 6 students

Teacher: Fiona Anderson
Subject: Political Studies
Class: Forward Motion: David Wojnarowicz, Activism & Film
Abstract: David Wojnarowicz is known as a painter, a poet, a photographer and as an activist. Throughout his career he also collaborated on numerous films with friends and filmmakers like Tommy Turner, Richard Kern and Karen Finley. Many of them exist in fragments, rarely screened or connected with his better known works. Academic Fiona Anderson traces the intensification of his activism through his engagement with film, from the early reported cases of HIV/AIDS in the early ’80s to the scattering of his ashes on the White House lawn, recorded by fellow members of ACT UP.
Duration: 60 mins approx
Class Size: 30 students

Teacher: Omar Kholeif
Subject: Physical Education
Class: Real Queer Arabs: Volume I
Abstract: This illustrated lecture maps out the tension between queer culture and so-called notions of ‘Arabness’. Through a potted historical survey, curator Omar Kholeif will discuss definitions of sexuality and consider its orientation in different cultural contexts. Be warned, this class contains images of performed Arab Porn.
Duration: 1.5 hours
Class Size: 30 students


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