In Their Room London

Saturday 13th April
Rio Cinema, 103-107 Kingsland Road, London E8 2PB
11.30pm, £8

Dir: Travis Mathews, USA, 2013, 32mins

World Premiere

The third instalment of Travis Mathews’ intimate In Their Room project – a series of portraits of men in their personal spaces – is shot in London. Focused on the ups and downs of dating in an age of GPS hook-up apps, the film’s subjects talk frankly about their sex lives, romance and relationships as they wash, trim and dress up in preparation for a date. Mathews shot this episode of the series during Fringe! 2012.

With a musical introduction by In Their Room London’s soundtrack composer Santiago Latorre.

+ Tom’s Gift, Dir Charles Lum & Todd Verow, USA, 2012, 7mins
The secret joys of a sex shop in rural America, closed by municipal ordinance.

+ Chaser, Dir Sal Bardo, USA, 2012, 15mins
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+ Bankers, Dir Antonio da Silva, UK, 2012, 12mins
A hidden camera sees what the bankers get up to in their lunch break.

IN THEIR ROOM LONDON teaser (NSFW) from Travis Mathews on Vimeo.

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