The Year I Broke My Voice

Sunday 14th April
School of Fringe! @ The Old Cardinal Pole School, Victoria Park Road, London E9 7HD
2pm, £5
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Dir: Madsen Minax, USA, 2012, 47mins

World Premiere

Set in a post-industrial ‘Neverland’ of worn down row houses, looming factories and desolate, rocky seashores, a cast of mostly unnamed, gender ambiguous youths share misadventures that explore friendship, sexuality and the trials that characterize aging. Card games, attempts at hypnotism, impromptu races, haircuts by the blade of a pocket knife and sexual fantasies all function as means for the characters to self reflect and attempt to get to know one another. Built from interpretations and re-enactments of some of the most widely known examples of 1980s coming of age films, including The Outsiders (1983), Stand By Me (1986) and The Year My Voice Broke (1987), The Year I Broke My Voice re-approaches the master narrative of childhood’s transition into adulthood from a subversive, yet altogether fragile and uncertain vantage point. The reuse of these texts is located somewhere between protocol and poetry, poised to be attributed to a broader search for self-realization than what is delineated by puberty. The film’s episodic vignettes and refusal to offer any easy answers leaves the audience pondering many of the questions the characters pose.

+ M I N E, Dir: Thanasis Tsimpinis, Greece, 2012, 3min

A hazy, mesmeric picnic between lovers gone wrong, making this film so so right.

+ The Kiss, Dir: Filip Gieldon, Poland, 2012, 20mins. Polish with English subtitles.
Who is really in control in this game of flirtation?

With an introduction by Kanchi Wichmann (Break My Fall)

The Year I Broke My Voice (Trailer) from Madsen Minax on Vimeo.

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