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Beyond the Binary - Acting Beyond Gender workshop

Fri Nov 17, 19:00

workshop, Hackney Showroom, Free

An interactive workshop exploring the stereotypes and challenges that actors, theatre and film makers face when it comes to gender roles, and what steps can be taken to continue progression in moving beyond gender binaries and tropes.

  • Connect like-minded actors, theatre and film makers who want to see and explore beyond the Binary. How can we de-centre and subvert expectations around gender, sexuality and identity through play?
  • Discuss the industry and how it has changed, progressed, regressed – i.e. in Elizabethan times male actors would play female characters as a standard, their gender did not get in the way of the storytelling. Could we see a future world where an actor’s ability to portray a character is valued beyond their gender?
  • Challenge the stereotypes and clichés about gender and sexuality that we are constantly having to come up against as actors, theatre and film makers.
  • Empower actors to feel able to bring their identity to the acting world and go for parts that challenge the status quo, instead of homogenising actors and stories.

Who is it for?
Actors, film & theatre makers, and people interested in working hands-on with the topic. The workshop will be limited to 20 places.

How interactive it is? Do I need to wear something specific?
Wear comfortable clothes as there will be some gentle moving about and bring a bottle of water (a tap is available in the venue bar).

How long is it?
This is a 2-hour workshop, but the discussion will probably continue in a cafe/pub afterwards if you want to dig deeper.

Who is leading it?
Anna Martine Freeman is an actor who starred as Fiona/Adrian in the Olivier award-winning play Rotterdam earlier this year. She is a vital part of the queer creative community, and is passionate about championing gender diversity in the arts and challenging taboos within the industry from the West End to Off Broadway. Freeman trained at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama and excels playing complex characters that push the boundaries of gender and sexuality. Anna will be joined by queer historian, poet, drag artist and political activist Dex Grodner. 

Dex Grodner is a genderqueer artist activist and educator whose work urges for solidarity across borders, genders and generations. They are currently artist in residence at Limewharf performance space in Bethnal Green

This Workshop has been developed with writer and director Lucy J Skilbeck in order to explore, challenge and subvert gender roles in the arts.

If you have any questions or concerns about participating in the workshop, you can get in touch with us on, but please do book your free place through the Tickets button above. 

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