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shorts: All Born Superstars: Everyday Queer Performance

Sun Nov 19, 17:00

Film, Hackney Showroom, Free

From drag and high barnets to boxing, magic to stand-up, these varied shorts explore different ways in which performance becomes a means to challenge norms and embrace yourself.


Still Burning / dir. Nick Rowley / UK 2017 / 8’55

Sky Ninja takes us on a tour of the Paris voguing scene, and it’s as hot as ever.

Home, A Queer Cooking Series: Lasana Shabazz / dir. Michael Chernak / UK 2017 / 4’28

Performance artist and writer, Lasana Shabazz shares a recipe for corn beef and rice and talks about what it means to be a black artist in the queer community.

Funny Girl / dir. Rosina Andreou / UK 2017 / 6’

Exploring the on and offstage life of comedy with comedian Rosie Jones, this documentary explores stereotypes about disability, sexuality, and being a Northerner.

Define Gender: Victoria Sin / dir. Amrou Al-Kadhi / UK 2017 / 5’

“My wig is enormous. It looks like it ate your wig for breakfast” -  Boundary-pushing drag queen Victoria Sin muses on femininity and taking up space in this exquisite short draped in grandeur.

The Ballerina / dir. Pedro Jorge / Brazil 2016 / 22’

Boxer by day, drag queen by night, Diamante cuts a sharp profile both in the ring and on the stage but can the two worlds be reconciled?

Drag Kings / dir. Elizabeth Valentina Sutton / UK 2016 / 9’

Three drag kings from across the UK share their personal journeys and what drag means to them, in a film that chronicles recent reshufflings of performer privilege.

Fay Presto - The Queen of Close-Up / dir. Hanna Aqvilin / UK 2017 / 16’

Portrait of the legendary Fay Presto at 70; renowned close-up magician and the first woman to become a member of The Inner Magic Circle.


Total runtime: 74min

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