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shorts: Back to the Future

Fri Nov 17, 19:00

Film, Hackney Showroom, Free

As a great man once sang “If you know your history then you would know where you are coming from”. This collection of shorts honours our resilience and creative approaches to resistance, as we look back at the journeys of those who went before us and celebrate the history being made now. 

Harding and his Camera / dir. Rob Eagle / UK 2017 / 11' 

Visually constructed purely from archive material and exquisitely woven together, this documentary is a queer look at the ambiguous 'love story’ between archaeologist Lankester Harding and his Bedouin assistant Hassan Awad, filmed during an archaeological dig in Palestine in the 1930s.

BootWMN / dir. Paige Gratland / USA 2015 / 10'
A touching documentary about a 3rd generation New Mexican boot-maker and her collaboration with a tattoo artist from San Francisco. The story unravels when they take their creation, possibly the gayest cowboy boots ever, into the heart of northern Texas to be entered into a state competition.

hu.mans: David Stuart / dir. Chid Nobi / UK 2017 / 12'
The extraordinary life story of one man’s struggle overcoming childhood trauma as well as a later prognosis of early death in his early twenties. An inspirational documentary of resilience and survival.

fragments of a roundtable: pink life discusses archiving (yuvarlak masa fragmanları: pembe hayat arşiv tartışıyor) / dir. Esra Ozban / Turkey 2016 / 5' 
How do we archive when our lives must remain hidden? How do we archive when our past is a secret? This short DIY doc from the trans movement in Turkey is packed with powerful questions.

2000 Years of Drag / dirs. Dorian Electra & Imp Queen / USA 2016 / 4'
A queer educational music video with lyrical flow and electric beats. Enjoy a romp through your drag history.

Home, A Queer Cooking Series: Blaize Henry / dir. Michael Chernak / UK 2017 / 5'
This episode focuses on Blaze Henry, a musician and violinist from southeast London cooking up his favourite dish. Home: A Queer Cooking Series is an intimate portrayal of queer Londoners and their love of good food.

The Devil is in the Details (Le diable est dans les détails) / dir. Fabien Gorgeart / France 2016 / 20'
1859. Alexina is a trainee school teacher at the convent she was raised in. Unbearable pains cause her to seek medical help, and her long held secret is exposed. She is offered no choice but to escape the school and learn how to live in the world as a man. A beautifully made intersex film that effortlessly draws from the barbarism of previous centuries right into the present day.

Queer Heroes / dir. Kate Jessop / UK 2016 / 5'
A frenetic celebration of queer heroes in art, politics and science (past and present) from 14 brilliant animators. 

Total runtime: 72min

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