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Sun Nov 19, 15:00

Film, Hackney Showroom, £5

dir. Nontawat Numbenchapol / Thailand 2016 / 75'

Q likes Jojo and Jojo likes Q, but Q is only into girls and Jojo isn't so sure. Is Pleum Q's secret lover? And what about Jeff and Jasper? The standard complexities of teenage romance are playfully queered in Nontawat Numbenchapol's zippy and spirited docu-fiction. #BKKY invites audiences into the love lives of Thai teenagers, while astutely emphasising the country's unique spectrum of gender and sexual roles.

Melding almost-fiction and reality, #BKKY is peppered with snatches of 100 interviews with Thai teenagers each discussing frank and progressive attitudes to sexual expression. These rich insights deepen the central dramas on screen, treating our teenaged lovers with a rare openness, warmth and sensitivity.

How often do you get a teenage boy assuredly tell the camera that he wants to grow up to be “a fabulous lady boy”? If you believe the children are our future, #BKKY will let them lead the way.

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