Why The Most Cake are supporting FRINGE!

Nice piece on The Most Cake about why they’re supporting Fringe! [see full post here]
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We quote:

“Part of our mission when we started The Most Cake was to give gay people a space to be gay that wasn’t a club or somewhere selling dildos. So over the 20 months it has been running, TMC has become a place to talk about cultural stuff, living in the 21st century and what’s on TV. Being gay is about who you sleep with – yes – but it can be more than that too and we wanted to reflect that on our site. I think sexuality is coded into culture and lifestyle in a way that makes it worthwhile having a queer take on those things.

“Of course I’m involved with both Fringe and The Most Cake so it was easy to make the link between the two, but supporting creative cultural projects for gay people is one our core principles. That’s why we’re doing it. Also – it would have been impossible to have got FRINGE! off the ground without TheMostCake – just putting out a call-out for help on here has got dozens of motivated well-connected great people getting in touch with us. It’s been phenomenal – thanks to everyone who got in touch and it would be great to meet the rest of you at the festival.”


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