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Dream Boat

Sun Nov 19, 15:30

Film,Q+A, Rio Dalston, £11.5 / £9.5 con

dir. Tristan Ferland Milewski / Germany 2017 / 90'

Finding yourself and your people is exciting and daunting, especially when you're gay. Now imagine finding yourself all over again. On a cruise ship. With 2,000 gay men. For a week.

Dream Boat is a gorgeous glimpse of a utopia-in-theory, more than just sun-kissed men cruising for a shipmate or four. Amid the speedo bulges are moments of introspection: We have Marek, his banging body a front for his insecurities and hangups of conservative Poland; Phillipe, twenty years on from meningitis that left him in a wheelchair, an anomaly among the typically able-bodied boys; and Dipankar, an Indian man on a trip where his desires tell him he belongs.

Sumptuously capturing the languid days by the pool and hedonistic nights in the shiniest fetishwear, Dream Boat will make you long to set sail tonight, or thankful you're anchored safely in the Rio. Either way, it's a trip of a lifetime.

Short before the feature:
Nature Boys / dir. Andreas Boschmann / Germany 2017 / 2'

A joyful run through an autumnal German forest.

The screening will be followed by a Q&A with Dream Boat director Tristan Ferland Milewski and score composer My Name is Claude.

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