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Sun Nov 19, 20:45

Film, Genesis Cinema, £10 / £7.5 con

dir. Shu Lea Cheang / Germany 2017 / 78' (UK premiere)
with: Alexander Geist, Candy Flip, Bishop Black, Kristina Marlen, William E Morris, Aerea Negrot
World Sales m-appeal

Centred on the politics of bodily fluids and viral pleasure, Fluidø is an immersive, visceral and vividly experiential cyberpunk feature oozing with delights, from multi-media artist and filmmaker Shu Lea Cheang (FRESH KILL; I.K.U).

It’s the year 2060 and a mutated version of the HIV virus re-codes bodily fluids as an erotic-narcotic. A new type of gender fluid human, ZERO GEN, are the bio-drug carriers of this intoxicating ejaculate. DIY biohackers, underground drug lords, and a scheming corporation are intermeshed when the (corrupt) government sends out secret agents to identify anyone who carries the mutated gene. But these android agents can also be ‘turned’ with a single shot of the stimulating new drug...

Fluidø takes viewers on a sensory journey through speculative sex and a dreamed anarcho queer future, and we’re thrilled to present this as our closing night feature.

Followed by a Q&A with director Shu Lea Cheang

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