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Fringe! Official Saturday Party with Douche Bag DJs + Sandra Le (Fèmmme Fraîche)

Sat Nov 18, 22:30 to 02:00

Party, Hackney Showroom, Free

After a Saturday filled with panels, premieres and sexy shorts, we’ll get the party started in our festival hub Hackney Showroom with 2 of the hottest queer parties recreated especially for Fringe! For the first time ever the femme fatale of a party Sandra Le (Fèmmme Fraîche) will be alongside the alt. party boys of Douche Bag, Mikey XCX & Laurence Del Rey.

Fèmmme Fraîche is a girls-galore, no-holds-barred, Fraîcher-than-your-average, Fèmmme fatale of a party.

Douchebag are an alt-pop // faggy synth // trash guitar happening for happy east end homos. That will be us.

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