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shorts: Gender Without Borders

Sat Nov 18, 18:15

Film, Hackney Showroom, Free

From youthful explorations and non binary cats, to self-assured celebrations of gender non conformity and queer politics. This collection of shorts sees people tackle binary constructs, in a straight world where queer family see us through.

Red Leaf (Hoja Colorada) / dir. Kai Tillman / Cuba 2016 / 7'
A boy who lives happily among friends and family in a small Cuban town creates a secret world to innocently explore his developing identity.

Marcus / dir. Rowan Quinn / Australia 2017 / 13'
Two annoying twins aim to make a documentary when their older brother comes out as trans. Armed with only a camera, their ambition takes them on a sharp learning curve, to hilarious effect.

The Curse / dir. Danny Tayara / USA 2017 / 3'
Jesse's got a date, but it's leak week... The understocked gendered toilet experience is even more problematic than usual.

Rebellious Essence (Uporni duh) / dir. Ana Čigon / Slovenia 2017 / 5'
A psychedelic non binary cat walks into the office of the ministry for cat affairs to request a passport and is met by a bureaucratic brick wall. But this kitty finds their own way to avenge the mean binary fascist.

Breaking Down My Translation / dir. Azara Meghie & Kai Fiáin / UK 2017 / 5' 
Azara Meghie explores and negotiates queer politics through dance and spoken word.

DES!RE / dir. Campbell X / UK 2017 / 10' 
The desire and attraction for transmasculine, transmen, butches, studs, and masculine of centre (MOC) people is explored through this beautifully shot and stylised experimental film.

The 36-Year-Old-Virgin / dir. Skyler Braeden Fox / Germany, Canada 2017 / 30' 
A sensitive coming-of-middle-age, sex documentary. When Skyler finally decides to explore his long standing fantasy of penetrative sex with a cis man, he reaches out to his queer community for love and support.

Total runtime: 72min

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