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Hot to Trot

Sun Nov 19, 14:30

Film,Q+A, Castle Cinema, £10 / £8 con

dir. Gail Freedman | USA | 2017 | 88' (European premiere)

Enter the agony, ecstasy, and glitter that abounds inside the fascinating world of same-sex competitive ballroom dancing, following a sequinned cast of international dancers on and off the dance floor. Hailing from all over the world, we meet dancers from Russia, Costa Rica, New Zealand, the US and beyond as they prepare for the ultimate competition at the Gay Games.

Will Nikolai's steely intensity fall into step with fireball Ernesto to claim the big title? Can Emily overcome the struggles of living with severe type 1 diabetes to step out with Kieren? These dancers are not only phenomenal athletes and performers, but everyday examples of passionate LGBTIQA+ activists who you will be defiantly rooting for by the end! Put on your dancing shoes, and join them on gripping personal journeys to the height of hip-action drama.

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Short before the feature:
Ballroom Boys | dir. Michael Stylianou | UK | 2017 | 14'
Rhinestones at the ready for fierce competitors Lemington (USA) and Nejc (Slovenia) as they prepare for the European Same Sex Ballroom Dancing Championships in Blackpool.

followed by a Q&A with director Gail Freedman

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