Fringe! Talks to FilmDoo

Posted on Fri 07 Nov by VirginieR / Interview, Film, FilmDoo

Both Noor and Open Up To Me are brought to the festival in partnership with the VOD platform FilmDoo. The platform declares on their social media: There are thousands of interesting and diverse films being created all around the world that few people ever get to see. We want to change this. 

Fringe! decided to talk to Simon, Head of Programming at FilmDoo, to find out more about the values of the platform, their focus on LGBT Films and the future of FilmDoo. 

Can you tell me more about FilmDoo and its values?

FilmDoo is a new, fast and fun way to watch and discover films. I found out about it as a filmmaker first and then, with a background in distribution, I became involved in the site's programming. I think that's what is exciting about FilmDoo's values - we're film lovers and filmmakers, so we want to show films the way we like to see them.

What makes the platform stand out from other VOD? 

FilmDoo's algorithm remembers the genres, themes, directors and countries of origin that you like, so the suggestions that are made are relevant. You can also follow other users, so it's like a film community, plus there's the gamification aspect we're building, so the more you interact with the site, the more badges you can accumulate. These are just a few things that make FilmDoo fun and different.

What is FilmDoo's focus on LGBT films? 

You wouldn't think it, but not all queer films make it to these shores. Sure, you have Peccadillo Pictures, TLA Releasing and many other distributors bringing you great LGBT films, but we also want to bring films to the platform that don't have distribution already - films like Pakistan's Noor and Finland's Open Up To Me, showing at Fringe!. We've tagged films as trans, lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, intersex - you can be specific with your searches - just look at

What are your 5 favourite LGBT films on FilmDoo and why? 

Noor and Open Up To Me are both excellent, portraying fascinating trans* characters with depth, so we're really proud to be showing those films. I'd also put include Celine Sciamma's super cute Tomboy, and both Stranger By The Lake and Peter Jackson's cult classic Heavenly Creatures - murder never looked so seductive! You can watch all these films at FilmDoo.

What are the plans for the future of the platform? 

There is a LOT in the pipeline. It's a very exciting time, with plenty of change on the horizon. The whole way we watch films is diversifying in all sorts of exciting directions and we want to be at the forefront of that. Check us out at!