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Selina Robertson's debut work Couple Time / ZeitZuZweit (2015) at LOVE+

Posted on Tue 09 Feb by AlexK /

by MK Margetson

At the Canada Water Culture Space in February, InShortFilmFest and Fringe! present LOVE+, an alternative Valentine's evening programme of short films concerning love in all its derivatives and expressions.

As part of our short film programme, LOVE+ will be screening the recent debut work of superstar curator and filmmaker Selina Robertson of the BFI and Club des Femmes, a Super 8 short called 'Couple Time', or 'ZeitZuZweit', released only last year.

I was able to speak to Robertson this past week about Couple Time, relationships, and curation in the week before LOVE+

— How would you describe Couple Time/ Zeit zu Zweit? It was filmed, or compiled, recently in Berlin? Can you tell us a bit about the process of making this film?

My film is a love letter to my girlfriend and Berlin. I shot the super 8 footage in 2007 and last year collaborated with my friend Maria Mohr to edit the film. I lived in Berlin for 6 years and when I moved back to London it took me a long to time to stop missing the city. I describe the film as a suitcase of memories of my life there. 

— Why did you decide to release a short that follows the end of an experience?

I guess I’ve just answered that question [before]. The film is the end of my relationship with Berlin but not with my girlfriend, we are still together :)

— How did the filmmaking process, or the film's reception, affect that process of recollection?

In terms of the film being a cathartic way of saying goodbye to Berlin, yes this is true. I guess I have in a subconscious way ‘named the pain’ in my film. 

— What is the best bit of advice you have for queer or female filmmakers and programmers?

For a queer/female  filmmaker - don’t over think things, just do it and believe in yourself. For a queer/female programmer - be bold with your film programming and find like minded collaborators - it’s so rewarding. 

— And finally, Couple Time is going to be screened at LOVE+ alongside films that capture varying stages of romance: first flushes to later, more dynamic interactions. What effect do you think this will have on the audience's reception of the film?

I hope audiences will feel an emotion when they watch my film - hopefully a happy, love, fuzzy feeling, even though I have deliberately left the ending a little enigmatic. It’s my first film so it means a lot if people respond to it. 


Selina is the founder of Club des Femmes.

Buy tickets here: bit.ly/LovePlus