Saturday 19 November – 1:30pm

Rio Cinema – £11 / £9 concessions

Dir Scud / Hong Kong 2015 / 87min
With Adonis He, Jackie Chow, Moe Chin, Fiona Wang

UK premiere

Set amongst the stunning backdrop of the Hong Kong skyline UTOPIANS follows the story of Hins, a 21 years old student, who lusts after his lecturer despite his girlfriend’s hostility towards him, causing them both to delve into their untapped desires.

Sexy, romantic and sweet this pansexual treat whets all appetites with full frontal nudity, philosophical ruminations and seriously lush cinematography while providing an insightful view on how homosexuality is discussed in contemporary Chinese society. With UTOPIANS, director Scud, of PERMANENT RESIDENCE and AMPHETAMINE fame, delivers yet another well-crafted film deemed locally as ‘too controversial for Hong Kong cinema’ - perfectly capturing Asian sensibilities around sexuality - its lines, and definitions - and the nude body.