Saturday 19 November – 3:30pm

Rio Cinema – £11 / £9 concessions

Dir Deb Shoval / USA 2016 / 82min
With Lola Kirke, Breeda Wool

UK premiere

Joey (Lola Kirke; Mistress America) is a young woman adrift amidst the expectations of family and society in her small town. Becoming an army mechanic seems to offer a route to new opportunities until she meets spirited local Rayna (Breeda Wool; Unreal) and the pair begin an intense affair that must be kept secret from Rayna’s husband. The atmospheric landscape of rural Pennsylvania provides ample opportunity for steamy liaisons amidst straw bales and secluded woods. The film captures beautifully the intensity and hopeful dreams of first love, as these collide with the trappings of class and circumstance in rural America.