Shorts: Natural Instincts

Saturday 19 November – 9pm

Hackney Showroom – Free

Films to arouse, stimulate, shock and provoke - the mind and the body. Sit back and let your senses dominate you as we have some hardcore outdoor fun, afternoon delight and a good measure of finger licking.

Content warning: contains depictions of spanking, fisting and light bondage


dir Sebastian Dominic Auer / Germany  2016 / 11'44
Journey on an audio-visual erotic commune with nature. There's flora, fauna and fur.

Love Letter/Prema Lekha
dir Neelu Bhuman and Twiggy Pucci Garçon / United Kingdom 2016 / 5'15
A disarmingly sensual exploration of race and gender through erotic close up.

dir Goodyn Green / Germany 2016 / 19'20
Intensely explicit and intoxicating encounter with porn actresses Jasko Fide and Sadie Lune.

Coming of Age
dir Jan Soldat / Germany 2016 /13'30
An afternoon session of adult-baby play reveals the complexities of two men's pasts.

Drag Queen Porn: Fisting
dir Gitte Schmitz / Germany 2016 / 6'22
Everything you could expect from a film of this title, also featuring margarine.

Coming Full Circle
dir Kim Yaged / United States 2015 / 1'57
Fun and sexy animation that tells you all you need to know when it comes to dating a stripper.

Flo & Hector in Hasenheide
dir Flo Cane and Nikolaj Tange Lange / Germany 2015 / 15'36
Enjoy an extremely horny day in the park with this boyscout and his lovely pup.

dir Debora Zanatta, Estevan de la Fuente / Brazil 2015 / 11'45
Paula's loneliness turns to fantasy in this challenging and provocative tale.