Death Drive + Death Drive: After Party (FREE from 23:00)

Friday 18 November – 9.30pm

Hackney Showroom – £5

Adam Christensen, Sidsel Meineche Hansen, Susu Laroche, Prem Sahib and David Wojnarowicz.

DJs: Ben Burgis and Zoe Williams

Queers have always had a complicated and intimate relationship with death. Often, embracing pure pleasure while seeking out the danger and glamour of death in an attempt to reach escape and liberation from everything that hold one down, yet ultimately die. Revolting, intentionally or not, against the power of authority and the oppressive banality of everyday life. This multisensorial event will incorporate film screenings, performance, and a club night, all focused on the question of why are queers so often drawn towards self-destruction. What do we define as such? What is so appealing about it? Examining such questions, while reflecting on crises within queer culture in the present tense.

Death Drive, will present work and contributions by Adam Christensen, Sidsel Meineche Hansen, Susu Laroche, Prem Sahib and David Wojnarowicz. Each aspect of this event will explore destruction through its multiple forms, not limited to obvious self-harming tendencies, but expanding to notions of introversion, hysteria, fantasy, it’s ever more complicated relationship between the individual and the state, but also through its potentiality. The aim of this project is to nourish discussion and exchange.

Explore the themes and offer diverse views that go beyond preconceived assumptions. Theatrical in its execution the event will result into a club night where the issues discussed will materialise.

Sidsel Meineche Hansen: Seroquel
Prem Sahib presents Peter de Rome: Prometheus
David Wojnarowicz: In the Shadow of Forward Motion
Susu Laroche: Vesmir Peklo
Adam Christensen: The Last Fucking Rave
Sidsel Meineche Hansen: No right way 2 cum

Performance: Adam Christensen

The performance will be followed by a club night with Ben Burgis and Zoe Leonard.

Curated by Panos Fourtoulakis