Small Talk

Saturday 9 September – 8:30pm

Genesis Cinema – £10 / £7.50 or 5.00 concessions

Winner of the 2017 TEDDY Award for Best Documentary, the queer film prize of the Berlin Film Festival


Anu is not a woman of many words, at least not around her family. Growing up as a tomboy she unhappily entered an arranged marriage at a young age, as was customary in 1970s Taiwan. After giving birth to two daughters she fled her violent, good-for-nothing husband and brought up the children on her own - working as a professional funeral mourner, and living a lesbian half-life of smoking, drinking and gambling with her friends and lovers.

Her daughter (filmmaker Hui-chen Huang, now with a young daughter of her own) started making this raw, intimate documentary 20 years ago to work through their stilted relationship, and understand what kind of a mother she wants to be for the next generation. It is considered taboo in Taiwanese culture to question a mother’s unconditional love, let alone the love of an openly butch lesbian mother, yet that is exactly what Huang sets out to do in her multifaceted portrait of a complex mother-daughter relationship. Through a series of intense and sometimes frustrating personal encounters, she tries to shed light on the family’s silenced past in order to confront painful shared experiences and to embark on a journey of reconciliation.

In partnership with Open City Documentary Festival

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