Mixed Messages + Q&A

Tuesday 22 August – 6:45pm

Genesis Cinema – £8.50 / £5 - £7.50 concessions

Dir-Scr. Kanchi Wichmann | 2017 | Germany | 72 min (10 episodes)
Prod Nadja Krüger, Leila Mukhida | with Alana Lake, Cleo Jacobe, Liz Rosenfeld, Elly Clarke

One year single in the Berlin queer scene – how hard can it be?

Mixed Messages is an addictive new episodic web series that follows 36-year-old London dyke Ren (played by newcomer Alana Lake) as she navigates her way through the treacherous terrain of the alternative Berlin queer scene. From speed-dating to bondage from meditation to being trapped in a hammock with someone who is more interested in their Tinder profile, each episode shows Ren sinking further and further into ambiguity and confusion until the only way out is to send a few mixed messages of her own.

Plucked from real life stories and with often awkward and hilarious consequences, Kanchi Wichmann's follow up to her 2011 feature Break My Fall is a highly entertaining and very relatable journey through the pitfalls of modern queer dating.

followed by a Q&A with director Kanchi Wichmann and actor Alana Lake

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Join us for the afterparty with BUTCH, PLEASE! in the Genesis Bar after the screening for DJ's/Happenings/Mixed Butch Messages (until 23:00).

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Mixed Messages will be released in the UK on 7 October by Peccadillo Pictures

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