Artists' Moving Image at Fringe!

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This year we bring you a collection of incredible work by artists working with video and film spanning almost four decades. Queer artists who have and still are pushing boundaries, exploring sexuality, gender, queer histories and much more.

A Strangely Glorious Opportunity
Rose Lipman Building, Friday 27 Nov, 8.30pm
A brilliant selection of recent work challenging the idea of gender as fixed by exploring its fluidity. The programme includes work by Ursula Mayer, Wu Tsang, Carlos Motta, Pauline Boudry & Renate Lorenz and Oreet Ashery.

I'm With You presents Liz Rosenfeld: The Surface Tension Trilogy (World Premiere)
Barbican Cinema, Saturday 28 Nov, 3pm (performances), 4pm (screening)
Liz Rosenfeld's trilogy tracks the interwoven stories of famous women and artists in Weimar era Berlin. In conversation with the screening, IWY has curated intimate performance encounters. Followed by a Q&A with Liz Rosenfeld.

Lux & Club des Femmes present This Is Now: Film & Video After Punk - Through a Glass, Darkly
Rio Cinema, Sunday 29 Nov, 1pm
This collection of incredible videos by post-punks most provocative female filmmakers combine the DIY spirit of punk with ideas around female subjectivity and that of the gendered viewer. Followed by a panel with filmmakers Jill Westwood and Cordelia Swann.

General Idea: Video Works, 1977-1984
Barbican Cinema, Sunday 29 Nov, 2pm
 rare archive screening of videos by seminal Canadian artists' collective General Idea. These irreverently playful and provocative works prod sexuality, consumerism and art. Followed by a Q&A with group founder AA Bronson.


Festival Team Top Fives - Round Four

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It's only two days until this year's fest kicks off, so here's another edition of top fives. These ones are from Hakeem, Vanessa and Daniele.

Hakeem - Programming Assistant

Naz & Maalik
It’s just so authentic and casual. A charming day in the life of two maybe-almost-boyfriends. The awkward frustration of being young and in love. It's just so great to see the intersection of what it is to be Young, Black, Gay, Muslim men in the United States, so casually, and effortlessly.

Kumu Hina
I love seeing stories about Queer Women of colour in cultures and communities I know nothing about. It’s fascinating to learn about the history of trans people in Hawaii, it’s also fascinating to see the universalities and differences of the queer experience. Kumu Hina is a testament to what is achievable when you are empowered to achieve it.

Game Face
Easily the most nail-biting, compelling and tense doc I’ve ever seen. I was at the edge of my seat all the way through, and genuinely forgot to breathe at least twice. It’s too necessary to see Trans and Queer athletes, as complex and complicated people with lives, loves and families.

The Turkish Boat
It’s affirming and encouraging seeing queer people organise and mobilise. Unlike The New Black, which puts a face and voices to the fight for marriage equality within the African American community, I knew nothing about the Turkish Boat, let alone the Turkish immigrant community in The Netherlands. The film makes such a strong statement about claiming multiple identities; second generation, gay, muslim and proud, it just left me so inspired and excited at all their promise and passion.

Shorts: Flesh + Bone (Free)
Amongst an excellent selection of shorts, Bedding Andrew was just so honest and humble. I dare anyone not to empathise…

Vanessa - arts programmer, performance

Mamoru Iriguchi: 4D Cinema
A creative, beautiful performance that fuses the aesthetics of cinema with delicate commentary on gender, all with a dash of DIY tech.

Closing Party with Fancy Chance & Friends
Fancy Chance is an amazing performer (and winner of Alternative Miss World) and the line-up of female cabaret powerhouses is to die for. This is going to be crazy fun.

The Lady's Not For Walking Like An Egyptian
A high-energy performance, combining 80s pop songs and Thatcher, from two extremely funny ladies. What's not to love?

Making Up Drag Workshop
Explore your drag alter-ego with Vic Sin, who offers a free make-over with a side-order of gender politics.

Women and the Word 
Not only is the film an inspiring take on queer feminist activism, but we've also got a Q&A with the producer, who's coming all the way from the US.

Daniele - Fundraising manager

As fundraising manager, I am delighted that SCRUFF have teamed up with us and are sponsoring this great documentary (which incidentally has several hot rugby players in it!).

Mamoru Iriguchi: 4D Cinema
Beautiful, deeply poetic performance with a quirky, humorous use of DIY technology

Meanwhile in Beirut
Fascinating documentary about being a trans in Beirut

Shorts: Hands in the Dark
Tantalising sexy shorts!

Alex & Ali
The extraordinary, moving story of a forbidden, secret love between an Iranian and an American man, spanning 35 years.  




Festival Team Top Fives - Round Three

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In Round number three our audience development team give you their fringey highlights. martha, harry and anna tell you about their picks for the fest.

Martha - Audience development assistant

The Cult of JT Leroy
Just one of the most fascinating and fantastical stories ever told. And it’s recent history. 

Kumu Hina
Incredibly uplifting and brave documentary about a Hawaiian ‘mahu’, or third gender person, inspiring children to be good citizens. Lovely and sweet.

Naz & Maalik
Tender and agreeable coming-of-age story about two young Muslims in post 9/11 New York City, experiencing the first flushes of love.

Shorts: Brazil
All of the short film programmes are pretty enticing, but this one especially promises a lot of diversity, strong voices, colour and life.

Eisenstein in Guanajuato
Peter Greenaway’s newest masterpiece imagines the father of montage editing, Sergei Eisenstein on a queer jaunt to Mexico. Catch it at Fringe! first!


Mamoru Iriguchi: 4D Cinema
This brings to life so much of what excites me about film! Personality and performance and that blurred line between cold tech and warm feeling.

Game Face
Fallon Fox rocks my world.

Shorts: Seven Wonders
Exploring, performing, finding and reclaiming that queer space. 

The Turkish Boat
I remember following this happy story back when it first happened in 2012!

There is something so compelling about seeing these huge, physical guys having soft, intimate moments.

Anna - Audience Development Assistant

Kumu Hina
Hawai'i's powerful and outspoken cultural icon Hina shares her story.  

Women and the Word: The Revival Movie
Fearless and revolutionary, with a rallying cry that reverberates across the Atlantic. A film to celebrate.

Naz & Maalik
Reminiscent of those youthful afternoons which contain a lifetime, this rhapsody for Bed-Stuy captures the many pleasures and pains of growing up. 

Shinjuku Boys
A classic from the feminist archive, the 80s synth and dapper looks do it for me.

Lasana Shabazz presents Fierce!
Enter-taint-ment of the highest (dis)order: performance art, drag and dancing bliss. 

Festival Team Top Fives - Round Two

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Here's the second round of top fives with faves from Muffin, Pierre and Charlie.

Muffin - Head Programmer

When We Are Together We Can Be Everywhere
Everything DIY and dirty combines with all that shimmers to make our lusty hearts sing in this behind-the-scenes of a queer feminist porn in Berlin.

Women and the Word
As inspiring and engaging a road movie as ever was made - touching on every queer feminist topic that needs our attention.

Prison System 4614
Who doesn't go to a holiday camp to be bound, flogged, humiliated and incarcerated. Brutal, tender, and best served up with a nice cup of tea.

Shorts: Flesh + Bone (Free)
A smashing programme of shorts of genderfuckery and embodiedness approached with riotous humour and touching frankness.

Spanking Workshop (Free)
The masterful Alison England joins us for a third year for this intimate intro to sensual spanking. Bring a friend or find one there (I'll be there looking for a partner!) - for an absolutely cracking time.

Pierre - Production Manager

Lasana Shabazz presents Fierce
One night of crazy performance art and drag. Don't miss!

Prison System 4614
Jan Soldat is a rarity showing the vices of our kind like no-one else.

Meanwhile in Beirut
How trans* people live and thrive in Lebanon.

Pushing for PrEP
A film and event every modern queer should attend and discuss.

Nova Dubai
Experimental porn and reflections on gentrification in one unmissable film.

Charlie - Programmer

Reigning from my homeland this Aussie rugby film of (hot) gays playing ball really tugs at the heartstrings.

The Turkish Boat
Set in and on the canals of Amsterdam Pride, Turkish Boat truly puts the spotlight on the rising migrant communities and the realities of sexuality within those communities. Smart, intriguing and inspiring.

Sister Act
I CANNOT WAIT for this. Growing up watching this as a kid was so much camp fun!! Doing it wth friends at 11:30pm on a Friday is going to make it even better.

Shorts: Brazil
Anyone who knows me knows I love a good Brazilian.... erm... film. And this shorts programme is full of them.

Shorts: Sublime InQUEERy
I had such fun with these shorts! The collection ranges from thought-provoking to down right hilarious! Who wouldn't want to see an Italian rock music nun scrubbing floors while the lead singer showers in the confessional booth?

Literary ladies (and gentlemen)

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by MK Margetson

Sekiya Dorsett’s Women and the Word: The Revival (2015) has its European premiere alongside a second screening over the weekend of Fringe! 15. This documentary captures a resurgence in the visibility of the black feminist voice on the spoken word scene in the United States, by following the community making an effort to produce the events, which prove to be an invaluable platform for both art and community. Spoken word fans will be overjoyed to see the US scene blooming alongside our concurrent scene in London’s spoken word nights: Jawdance and Queer’say by Apples and Snakes, and Lyrically Challenged at Passing Clouds, amongst many others.

The American writers and artists that feature, however, seem to experience a more difficult climate, both financially and societally, than their Brit counterparts. The women are shown to overcome overt homophobia and racism with more regularity than black women in London’s (DIY) poetry scene, and their experience of this is shown powerfully in Women and the Word. In keeping this light-hearted road-movie style documentary light, director Dorsett lets us journey with them as they craft their personal experiences into the written, and then spoken, word, whilst their friendships become evident. The director and many stars of this dynamic document will be present for a Q&A session on Sunday’s screening at the Rose Lipman building. Featuring some of the United States’ rawest poets, this is a show that’s not to be missed!

Marjorie Sturm’s The Cult of JT Leroy (2014) is sure to captivate Fringe! attendees on our busy Saturday in the Fringe! HQ. It explores the curious case of the most popular writer that never really was, and the biggest, most intriguing hoax in literary history. The story of JT/Laura Albert/Savanna Knoop, and the decade-long evasion of their reality from public knowledge is a curiosity impossible by today’s demands, and allows us to view the height of the craze of celebrity during the 1990s. The film simultaneously provokes questions of narrative honesty, deceit, and what it is that an artist really owes to society. With this story one can’t help but consider the different ways in which art is received from different authors, and the ad hominem judgement different authors can receive, which inform criticism of their work.

Situated within the literary pop intelligensia of 1990s USA into 2005/6 when JT’s ‘reality’ was discovered, this fascinating story illuminates the conditions of the era of celebrity at the brink of the age of information. Respected notables such as Joel Rose and Dennis Cooper feature prominently, demonstrating the scale of the intricate reality and character created by Laura Albert, in this almost mystical tale of identity and reality.

Dr Sharon Husband and The Duchess of Pork’s Naked Boys Reading combines two favoured queer themes: literature and the nude form, in a regular night that offers a unique activity in the queer scene. Describing themselves as, ‘Live, nude, and personable’, Naked Boys Reading is a high and low culture mash up. Before the weekend is even underway, Ace Hotel sees a special NBR from the boys curated by performer La JohnJoseph (who also brings his new work-in-progress The Last Night in the Life of Alexander Geist to this year’s Fringe!) on the theme of ‘personality’. Deconstructing the notion, to be precise, as they ask, ‘Who would Norma Jean be without Marilyn?’ Attend and see these boys, and their bodies, reveal the answer.

Women and the Word: The Revival screen on Sat 28th November at the Bernie Grants Arts Centre and on Sun 29th November at the Rose Lipman Building. 
The Cult of JT Leroy screens on Sat 28th November at the Rose Lipman Building. 
Naked Boys Reading: Character Studies takes place on the 26th November at the ACE Hotel. 



Festival Team Top Fives - Round One

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As every year we bring you the festival team's personal Top 5 films and events. It's never an easy choice to pick five favourites with so many great films and events in the programme but we Make those very difficult decisions for you. Obvs. We're starting off proceedings with the faves of Festival Director Alex, Programmer Josefeen and Fundraising Manager Martin.

Alex - Festival Director

Alex & Ali
Not chosen because of my namesake in the title but because this is an absolute tearjerker on so many levels

General Idea: Video Works, 1977-1984
I first came across General Idea at an exhibition in Berlin over ten years ago. Very excited to be showing the work by this influential collective at this year's fest.

The Last Night in the Life of Alexander Geist
We like to support home-grown talent and I can't wait to present this new work-in-progress by the brilliant La JohnJoseph.

Shorts: Brazil
One of my standout shorts for this year is part of this programme, the hilarious, over the top Floozy Suzy from returning filmmaker Otavio Chamorro (some may remember his last film at Fringe!, the equally brilliant The Bitchhiker)

Naz & Maalik
This lingering first feature by Jay Dockendorf perfectly captures the irrestible chemistry between its lead actors spending a summer afternoon hustling the streets of Brooklyn while cicumnavigating their secret romantic entanglement.

Josefeen - Programmer

Because I love myself some incredibly hot lesbian erotica (=porn)

Liz Rosenfeld's Surface Tension Trilogy
Liz has been part of the Fringe! family since the very first year when she curated a programme of queer porn for us and we're super happy to have her back this year with the world premiere of her trilogy queering the stories of famous women during Weimar Berlin.

Kumu Hina
An absolute feel-good film providing a much needed perspective on the way non-Western cultures deal with gender.

Pushing for PrEP
A timely discussion and screening on one of the top health issues concerning gay men today.

The Cult of JT Leroy
I fucking love this film. There's not much more to say.

Martin - Fundraising Manager

Kumu Hina
An important and sensitive exploration of being trans* in different cultures.

The Lady's Not For Walking Like An Egyptian
All the joys and horrors of the 80s in one show.

Prison System 4614
Chained flogging and a nice cup of tea. Ahhhhh/Ouch!

Panel Discussion: Sexile
Explore queer identity in a world of displacement and hostility

Queer: post-sexual - the box re-examined
Revel in the profusion of our diversity as celebrated in this group session.