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Kairos Dirt and the Errant Vacuum

Sun Nov 19, 15:00

Film, Hackney Showroom, Free

dir. Madsen Minax / USA 2016 / 98'

Kairos Dirt follows the strange encounters between a disparate group of enchanting characters and the trans-worldly being who gifts them cross-dimensional erotic possibilities.

The lives of a pansexual middle school lunch lady and her multiple lovers, religious co-worker and displacement grief doll, a genderqueer student, and master of many trades astrologer/phone sex operator/psychic medium all coincide with the appearance of a genderqueer ephemeral apparition who visits them in their collective dreamscapes. Various ‘portals’ - television monitors, radio frequencies, orifices of all kinds (including an anus in the sky) and dreams – provide openings through which to access a mysterious carnal dimension.

Gleefully flaunting genre and gender categories, Kairos Dirt delivers something utterly unique and is a shining rare gem from a trans filmmaker whose film Riot Acts made an appearance at the 2nd ever Fringe! in 2012.

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