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Fri Nov 17, 21:30

Film, Hackney Showroom, £5

dir. Eric Pussyboy / Germany 2016 / 38'

A brilliant DIY queer-feminist post-porn sci-fi video project that reaches its climax in radical Berlin filmmaker Eric Pussyboy’s Neurosex Pornoia trilogy. Neurosex Pornoia was created as a space of experimentation and learning around the possibilities of queer porn, and its finale introduces the neuroanarcoqueer community and their use of brain implants as means for pleasure and explorations of sexuality.

Short before the feature:
The Toilet Line / dir. Goodyn Green / Germany 2017 / 12'
Fringe! favourite Goodyn Green’s ethical, boundary-breaking porn is always a highlight of the festival. This year’s offering, The Toilet Line is everything you want from Goodyn’s work: sexy, thrilling, corporeal and real. Two femmes meet in a toilet queue, somewhere in Berlin’s infamous nightlife scene and fuck in the bathroom. After a thrilling experience, the night continues…


please note: these films contain real, explicit sex and nudity. 18+ ONLY. The short film contains some flashing images. 

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