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Shorts: Un-break My Heart

Sun Nov 19, 13:15

Film, Hackney Showroom, Free

A programme of films dedicated to every person who has ever made you confused, angry, crazy, horny and loved.

Call Your Father / dir. Jordan Firstman / USA 2016 / 19'
Intergenerational dating with a millennial in all it's frustrating, hilarious, surprising and confusing glory. 

Work Out / dir. Jonathan David Smyth / USA 2013 / 3'
A silent, experimental presentation that is every relationship you've ever had.

Everything That I'm Not / Roman Manfredi / UK 2017 / 15'
The intimate lives and soft furnishings of three butch/femme stud/femme relationships in the UK.

Don't Touch Me / Savannah Smith / USA 2017 / 15'
Relationships can be hard when you've got a demi.

Nesting Season / Paula Durette / USA 2001 / 3'
The mating habits of the garden-variety lesbian are explored in this enlightening nature documentary.

Acid Soda / dir. Carolina Cavalli / Italy 2017 / 10'
A ballerina and her mouse-lover reunite in a truly queer fable.

According to Mateo / dirs. Osama Chami, Enrique Gimeno / Spain 2017 / 19'
Sex can push you to your limits - but what if you're not sure what they are?

Chromosome Sweetheart / dir. Honami YANO / Japan 2017 / 5'
Love is many a metamorphic thing in this luscious, shimmering animation.

Figure / dir. Simon Savory / France 2017 / 5'
When your three-way relationship gets you down, you've gotta dance it out.

Total runtime: 81mins. Please note: one film in this programme contains scenes of sexualised violence.

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