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Shorts: Subjunctive Living

Sun Nov 19, 13:00

Film, Hackney Showroom, Free

7 experimental shorts of possibility and endeavour that take what is real and distort and transpose it to communicate our experiences of grief, loss, strength and desire. Even failure. What was, could, and should be are all filtered through the lens in a programme that aims to take you on a journey considering what makes us who we are, what we feel and want, and who we are when we come out the other side.


Approach/Withdraw / dir. Ker Wallwork, Juliet Jacques / UK 2016 / 10'

Getting up close and personal with the hormones that make us and change us from the cellular level to the experiential.

Butch Coyolxauhqui / dir. Karleen Pendleton Jiménez / Canada / 2016 / 4'

A butch lesbian dissects body shaming and identity with help from an Aztec goddess.

Love/Sick / dir. Val Phoenix / UK 2016 / 18'

So playful and with tingling emotional depth, this journey around the body in a mutable world will leave its mark.

Empty Nightclub / dir. Benjamin Edelberg / Canada 2017 / 7'

Dead end streets, various cities, darkened hallways and empty dance floors disorient to conjure unease. Are we searching for the party, or the way out?

The Queens / dir. Cathal O'Brien / UK 2017 / 5'

The cheeky, vicious invasion of the queers in this music video for The Carry Nation's new track references Genet, Mapplethorpe, the Pet Shop Boys, Boy George, Capote and Joan Rivers among others, in the hope that we continue to churn up the art that came before.

jim / dir. Sam Gurry / USA 2017 / 8'

A thrilling engagement with found footage, photos and excerpts from one man's prolific dial-up-toned chat room archive from the 1990's.

Fluids / dir. Rob Fatal / USA 2016 / 14'

Six years after a failed sci-fi porno, the material finds a brave new home in this erotic experimental documentary starring the captivating Coral Aorta.


Total runtime: 66min

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