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Who Will Fuck Daddy?

Sat Nov 18, 21:30

Film, Hackney Showroom, £5

dir. Lasse Långström / Sweden 2017 / 65'

A psychosexual fantasy of pleasure and bodily autonomy that takes us deep down the rabbit hole into the subconscious world of cigar smoking mermaids and an eternally horny, masturbating moon. “The time of beards is over” declares the punk fairy grandmother, but who will fuck the patriarchy? Our male archetype ploughs headlong through life, always driving forward, but never thinking about his destination until one day, he finds himself lost in the forest. A giant ladybird and a mouse step forward; they’ll fuck daddy!

We loved this surrealist, anarchic fairytale straight from the underground queer film scene in Sweden and are pleased to welcome back filmmaker Långström (Popular Education Terror, Fringe! 2014) to this year’s festival.

Short before the feature:
The Blow / dir. Nerea Castro Andreu / Spain 2016 / 14'
Mar and Xara, on the run, meet in a remote Spanish mountain landscape in this anarchic and beautifully realised short film.

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